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Student Stories

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Our students
tell it like it is.


It’s easy for us to talk about ourselves. What matters is what real students say about their real experiences at Averett. Here are a few of their stories.

“Due to Averett’s small size, I can get a chance to actually build a relationship with my professors and pay closer attention in class. I don’t feel intimidated by asking questions. I honestly feel as if the professors care and know about who I am, and what my strengths and weaknesses are.”

Paul Dennis is a second semester freshman currently majoring in psychology. He plans to add physical education as a major and make psychology a minor. Dennis is from Prince George, Va.

paul dennis headshot
Paul Dennis

“My favorite thing about Averett University is the people. Through Averett, I have met so many people that truly care about me and want to help in any way they can. I have loved every professor I’ve had. They always work hard to help you answer any questions and meet with you as much as they can.”

Makenna Harris, a Danville native, is a second-semester freshman currently majoring in elementary education. Harris also aims to have minors in both English and special education.

makenna harris headshot
Makenna Harris

“Averett will help me with my degree because of the connection with alumni and their drive to help fellow graduates. I like the small class sizes and the family-like atmosphere at the school. I chose my path of study to make a difference, as well as for the employment opportunities and great job security that I’ll have.”

Joey Cloud is a senior criminal justice major from Warrenton, Va.

joey cloud headshot
Joey Cloud

“Averett is helping me make my degree my own. A lot of people ask me what I want to do when I get out of school. When they hear that I am an English major, they just assume that I want to be a teacher but I don’t. I am not sure what I want to do specifically with my degree but I am excited to see the possibilities of where it might take me. I really like the personal relationships with the staff, my advisor, professors, and coaches. It is something really special and something that I appreciate.”

Brianna Williams is a sophomore English major from Manassas, Va.

brianna williams headshot
Brianna Williams

“My favorite thing about Averett is the main reason that I chose the school: the small, friendly, hometown environment. I wanted to attend a school where I would be more than a student ID number or one face in a sea of faces, and the University has exceeded my expectations in that regard. I have met some of the best friends I’ve ever had at this school, and I have forged bonds with instructors who have challenged me, changed me and helped me become the student and person that I am today.”

Emily Shelton transferred to Averett University as a double major but added a third under the guidance and encouragement of Dr. David Hanbury. Her majors are clinical & counseling psychology, sociology and biological psychology. Shelton is a senior from Ringgold, Va.

emily shelton headshot
Emily Shelton

“I would have to say the thing I appreciate the most about Averett is the connections you make, with not only the students, but with our professors. Dr. Susan Huckstep is by far my favorite professor and she has helped me ever since I switched my major to communications my sophomore year. I really owe it to her and my family for me being where I am today. Averett brings a family into your life and creates a lifetime of memories. I have made my best friends here, and I know I wouldn’t find anybody else like them. They are my brothers and I look forward to coming back years from now and looking back at Averett to remember the good times we had.”

Nathaniel Lake is a senior communication studies major with a minor in sociology. Lake is from Culpeper, Va.

nathaniel lake headshot
Nathaniel Lake

“I believe Averett is helping to prepare me tremendously with my biomed degree which will help me reach my goal of going to physical therapy school. The best part of Averett is definitely the family atmosphere. I love how everyone knows everyone, and even the professors know you by name.”

Taylor Hodges is a junior biomedical sciences major from Winston-Salem, N.C.

taylor hodges headshot
Taylor Hodges

“I decided to finish my education at Averett because the program met all of my needs. The GPS program allows me the opportunity to receive a quality education all while working full-time and being a mom.”

Chantel Christian is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in business administration through Averett’s Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) program. She is from Danville, Va., and aims to finish the program in 2020.

chantel christian headshot
Chantel Christian

Averett Graduates Work in Professions and Industries All Over the U.S.

Andrew Coleman ‘16

Accepted an internship with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte as their strength and conditioning coach.

Zuri Lamper ‘16

Accepted a position with Invicta Farms in Santa Fe, N.M., as an apprentice to the head trainer.

Carter Jones ‘16

Accepted a position with Lowe’s Corporate Office in Charlotte, N.C.

Hayley Looney ‘16

Accepted into the master’s program in curriculum and instruction in elementary education at Virginia Tech.

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