Female student doing laundry

Easy Laundry Day in 10 Steps!

<strong>Step One: Read the Tags</strong> Step One: Read the Tags
If you’ve ever been uncertain how to wash an article of clothing, just check the tags! They hold a wealth of information about how to go about getting your clothes clean.

<strong>Step Two: Check Your Pockets</strong> Step Two: Check Your Pockets
We’re past the days of MP3 players being small enough that they get stuck at the very bottom but check anyways to make sure that’s nothing important in there.

<strong>Step Three: Sort Your Clothing</strong> Step Three: Sort Your Clothing
It’s tempting to just throw everything in at once but sorting your clothes by colors (light colors, dark colors, whites) helps with keeping clothes looking fresh and new!

<strong>Step Four: Treat Any Stains</strong> Step Four: Treat Any Stains
Stains should be treated immediately but if you’ve forgotten or just didn’t have time, make sure to take care of them before you put them in the wash!

<strong>Step Five: Water Temperature</strong> Step Five: Water Temperature
Dark clothing needs to be washed in cold water, whites in hot and for everything else, warm water works just fine!

<strong>Step Six: Detergent</strong> Step Six: Detergent
Check the instructions on the container and pour in only what’s called for. Make use of bleach, fabric softener, etc as need be!

<strong>Step Seven: Wash</strong> Step Seven: Wash
Dump the clothes into the washing machine, get it going and go ‘bout your business until they’re done (don’t overload it, and make sure the water level is appropriate for the amount of clothes).

<strong>Step Eight: Dry</strong> Step Eight: Dry
Move wet clothes to the dryer, set it to normal and let it run! – Ladies, remember that bras and other delicates may need to be air dried!

<strong>Step Nine: Fold</strong> Step Nine: Fold
Retrieve clothes, fold them immediately and congrats! Successful laundry day!

<strong>Step Ten: Repeat as needed.</strong> Step Ten: Repeat as needed.
I hope this helps, and please feel free to practice at home before coming to college.  Next post, we’ll talk about sharing a public laundry area as well as the different types of detergents out there.

Chat soon!