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Campus Guest Coordinator

Originally from Yorktown, Virginia. Madison graduated from Averett University in 2020, with a B.S degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Sports Management. She will also graduate with a master’s degree in Business Administration in May 2022. She enjoys sharing her Averett experience with families visiting campus. After graduating in 2020, Madison became a vital part of the Women’s Volleyball coaching staff here at a Averett University and still serves as the part time assistant coach. She enjoys coaching volleyball, going to the gym, and spending time at home on the weekends.

What’s your favorite place in Danville?

Downtown is my favorite place to be in Danville. I love visiting the local coffee shops and restaurants on the weekends. 

What one thing do students need to know about Averett?

The family environment is real, don’t be afraid to stop and ask anyone for help if you need it. 

What advice do you have for a student choosing Averett?

Make the most of your time while you are here. Participate in clubs, go watch games, and be present in the moment. 

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